ISO9001:2015 Certification

In December 2016 RODER SRL obtained the accreditation of the quality management system through the acquisition of the quality certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 issued by DNV GL for the "Design, production, sale, installation and support of equipment for measurement and control in industrial environment". The certification obtained represents RODER's continuous commitment to guarantee its customers a high quality standard of the products and services offered and also a stimulus to operate in an increasingly innovative and competitive international industrial market.

48 Hours test before delivery

After assembly, all RODER products are tested for 48 hours. At the end of the test only if the product has passed the quality control is delivered to the warehouse for shipment. In this way all products are pre-tested for a sufficient period of time to ensure that there are no manufacturing defects or non-conforming materials. The test certificate is then attached to the product.

CEI EN 62471:2010

All RODER products are tested on systems that are designed especially for the determination of optical radiation hazard exposures specified in IEC62471:2010, such as actinic UV hazard exposure for the skin and eye, near-UV exposure for the eye, retinal blue light hazard exposure, retinal thermal hazard exposure, thermal radiation hazard for eye and skin, for LED products, UV-Lamps, lighting sources, luminaires and etc.
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About us

RODER VISION is the business unit of RODER SRL focused on the development of technologies and products for computer vision.

RODER SRL was born in 1991 as little but dynamic reality operating in design and construction of special systems for industrial production. Today it's a consolidated reality in the field of measuring machine manufacturers and data acquisition systems, able to provide with great continuity an innovative technology keeping pace with the times.

Thanks to a team of technicians and designers with a great experience, RODER offers solutions and technologies for quality control on production line and in metrological laboratory.

We study, design, realise and install systems and equipments suitable to satisfy current requirements of quality control in a market that is more and more competitive and dynamic.

Be on market with its own technology means understanding production requirements, finding simple, useful and cheap solutions, in a spirit of cooperation with customers.

RODER offers a wide range of instruments, equipments and machines to control dimensional, geometric and functional features of products and manufactured goods in different areas: precision machining, plastic and rubber, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, railway, automotive, wood, carriage, research departments, chemistry, environment, preservation of cultural and architectural goods.

Year of foundation of RODER ELECTRONICS.

In the first years of activity RODER Electronics deals with the assembly of electronic boards, power supplies for telecommunications, industrial electronic equipment and sensors for the control of industrial processes.

RODER Electronics begins to design internally part of the products it manufactures.

RODER Electronics is no longer just a labour supplier for third party assembly of electronic boards, but also a supplier of "key in hand" solutions for industry and process control. Many of the electronic boards designed by RODER Electronics are customized boards for particular applications in the field of process control.

RODER Electronics develops not only the hardware but also the software.

The success achieved in the design and supply of electronic boards and process control systems allows RODER Electronics to offer its customers also software solutions and data acquisition systems based on SCADA technologies. In parallel with the development of data acquisition systems, RODER Electronics also began the development of the first machine vision systems based on embedded PCs.

RODER Electronics moves to new plant and becomes RODER SRL.

RODER Electronics becomes RODER SRL. The company growth determined by the new purchase orders and the growing number of employees allows RODER SRL to buy the new warehouse and move into a new production facility.

RODER also manufactures products for the railway and automotive sectors.

The growing success achieved with the electronic products designed and with the software technologies proposed allows RODER SRL to win important orders in the railway sector and in the automotive sector. RODER SRL becomes more and more a trustworthy partner even for large industrial groups that require "key in hand" applications.

RODER SRL proposes a new range of LED lighting systems .

RODER SRL, always engaged in the design of vision systems and technologies for non-destructive quality control, offers its range of customized illuminators not only for installation on their systems but also for sale in the catalog as standard products.

RODER SRL expands its product catalog and its reference markets .

RODER SRL expands the product catalog on artificial vision and simultaneously offers its products not only on the Italian market but also on the European market



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The new web site is on line !

Our new website is online, renewed in graphic and enriched in contents.
Discover the various sections and check the activities of the company and our products.
On the new RODER VISION website you can find the new DC3 series LED illuminators with high efficiency LEDs, the new circular illuminators for low-angle applications and the new high speed power supply control systems. The range of accessories has been extended with new infrared and ultraviolet filters. In the next few weeks, the LED illuminators sections will be completed with the publication of all the product sheets, related accessories and technical characteristics of the individual models.


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